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Smart Services

We have extensive expertise in delivering best-in-class automation solutions for complete systems or individual areas.  EMIS stands for: Education. Maintenance. Intelligence. Support. We provide comprehensive, future-proof solutions for manufacturers and operators of industrial plants and amusement rides.


Smart services – a pioneering concept based on the following components:

  • Lifecycle management
  • Maintenance strategies based on reliability-centred maintenance
  • Software-supported maintenance processes via a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS)
  • Predictive maintenance to plain maintenance activities
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Remote maintenance for speedy support in the event of a fault
  • Automation service plan


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Harald Gehring

EMIS’s services cover every phase of the product lifecycle, from product planning to development, engineering, standard operation, maintenance, and finally retrofitting or decommissioning of the plant or ride.

We offer different services depending on where the product is in its lifecycle:
  • Assembly/start-up: On-site service, documentation, training
  • Adjustment/optimisation: Optimisation, documentation
  • Standard operation 1: Replacement parts, training, maintenance
  • Retrofitting: Retrofitting, training, documentation
  • Standard operation 2: Replacement parts, training, maintenance
  • And when the time comes: Decommissioning

Professional training and continuing education are key components of any company’s longevity – and this also applies to theme parks and amusement rides. We at EMIS are experienced in providing the necessary training for our customers to maintain their competitive edge.
We offer online training via an engaging interactive platform. The intuitive platform automatically plans and documents the users’ training activities. Our experts also provide in-person training either on location where your facility or ride is installed, at our EMIS training centres, or in-house on your company premises.

Database-supported online training:
  • Online training with a training app linked to our RIDES database system.
  • Plant- and ride-specific online training, scalable as you need it.
  • Interactive platform for planning and documenting training activities.
  • Automatic identification of training requirements and topics.
  • Automatically reminds every user to refresh or update their knowledge.
  • Full documentation of training activities.
  • Automatic test evaluation.
  • Automatically generated test certificates.
  • Test results logged in the RIDES database system.
Certified training provided by our experts
  • Training at our EMIS training centre, in-house at your offices, or on-site where your plant or ride is situated.
  • In-person support for training provided at the customer premises.
  • Test certificates provided in print and as PDFs.
  • Documentation of completed training for audit purposes.
  • Tests to verify achievement of learning objectives.
Content and training documents
  • Training documents on the plant/ride and its operation.
  • Standardised safety instructions.
  • Digital tests to verify achievement of learning objectives.
  • Collaboration with plant and ride manufacturers to provide training on mechanical components.
  • Can be integrated with customer’s-own training content if required.
Data protection and cyber security
  • Integrated cyber security solution.
  • Servers located in Germany.
  • Personal data protected in line with local legislation.

Regular professional system maintenance is key to ensuring good performance, a long service life, and a high level of safety. We at EMIS can support you as a maintenance partner.

Online documentation
Our online documentation system is supported by a central database to keep all data current and make it available wherever it is needed. We offer the following features for maximum data security and user-friendliness:

  • Interactive and digital documentation for mobile end devices
  • Clear and intuitive user interfaces
  • Comments can be added to content
  • Central data storage
  • Intelligent and intuitive search function
  • Navigation via component recognition or by scanning a QR code
  • Integrated cyber security solutions and backup strategies

Our extensive, professional inspections can add unique value for our customers. The inspections cover plant or ride efficiency, reliability, and safety. We also offer:

  • Inspecting and recording the current status of the plant/ride
  • On-site inspection by EMIC technicians and engineers
  • Technical opinions with suggested action plans
  • Preparation for audit and TÜV.
  • Optimising plant/ride safety.

Our exclusive RIDES database solution – specially developed in-house – provides EMIS with a uniquely smart system for plant and ride control systems. RIDES ensures high availability for your plant or ride, allowing you to also improve processes and plant or ride performance, optimise plant or ride safety, increase the efficiency of maintenance activities, and optimally manage all information. RIDES’ many features include:

  • Data collection and monitoring
  • Data evaluation and statistics
  • Predictive maintenance to identify faults at an early stage
  • Automatic planning of maintenance activities
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of training activities
  • Documentation of completed training activities
  • Alarms can be commented on and evaluated
  • Integration of digital tools such as an e-shop
  • All plants/rides can be monitored through a single system

EMIS values its close proximity to customers. That means we are always eager to hear your thoughts, ideas, and concerns, whatever they may be. We offer telephone support and remote maintenance services during standard office hours as part of our inclusive support package. You can also book 24/7 telephone support if required, or on-site support with our experienced maintenance personnel. We’ll help you however you need us to, in whatever way we can.

Every plant or ride control system comes with a basic support package, which includes:

Email support:
Customers can detail their problems to us via email and will receive an informative response from one of our technicians or engineers.
Telephone support:
Telephone support provided by a technician or engineer during normal working hours.
Basic documentation:
We provide all the documentation you need, including operation manuals, circuit diagrams, operating manuals etc., as interactive PDFs or paper documents.

We offer additional service packages by arrangement, which can include:

Telephone support +
Extended telephone support with 24/7 access to a qualified technician or engineer.
Remote Support/Remote Support +
EMIS’s technicians can access the plant or ride control system via VPN connection to speedily identify and, where possible, immediately resolve faults and other issues. The operator must be present to activate the remote connection, which prevents misuse.
AR Support
Your maintenance personnel is guided via an AR headset. A member of the EMIS team can then see what your maintenance employee is seeing via their screen and can highlight elements of the apparatus to guide your employee in real time. Your employee can see these highlights and notes via their AR headset, which makes it quick and easy to follow instructions with both hands free.
On-site service
An EMIS technician or engineer visits your premises to support you or independently perform maintenance on your facility.


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