Whether wind or water, coal or gas

Energy is important to life.

Which is why experts like EMIS

are needed to ensure that

the generation and transmission

of power is safe and reliable.

Energy management

We know what we are doing when it comes to energy! As an experienced energy management expert, EMIS is an all-round partner for all aspects of operational management in LV, MV or HV power networks. EMIS enables you to keep optimum control of your energy management needs, whether in the construction of power generating plants (e.g. wind power, hydro-electric power, combined heat & power plants etc.), in their maintenance and servicing, over questions relating to the transmission and distribution of power and even to a comprehensive range of integrated services.

Your direct point of contact

Marko Gollasch

We ensure that your system delivers its optimum availability and efficiency at all times - from power supply systems on the medium-voltage network to hydro-electric plants and combined heat & power plants (CHP). For this, we offer the following services:

  • Inspections
  • Preventive measures
  • Regular site visits and checks
  • Monitoring of systems
  • Carrying out maintenance and repair work

EMIS is committed to all-round energy management competence. From the generation of power, e.g. wind power or hydro-electric power, to its transmission and distribution: we have the experience from countless energy-related projects to be a highly capable and dependable partner for you.
Here is an overview of our range of services in relation to power generation

Combined heat and power plants (CHP)
  • Performance range from 50 kW - 1200 kW
  • Planning and design of CHP plants, made-to-measure for each customer
  • Construction, connection and commissioning of CHP plants
  • Registration and coordination with the utility provider(s)
  • Optimisation of the entire heating system to make the best possible possible use of the CHP plant
  • Thermal calculation of the heating circuit
  • Heat exchanger design
  • Maintenance and service of the system
  • Examination of transport options
Photovoltaic systems
  • Planning and dimensioning of solar power (PV) systems, optimised for in-house use of the power generated
  • Planning and dimensioning of combination options with battery storage units
  • Roof-mounted and free-standing systems
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Examination of transport options
  • Maintenance and service of the system
Small-scale wind power systems
  • Planning and dimensioning of small-scale wind systems, optimised for in-house use of the power generated
  • Approval-free systems with nacelle heights of up to 30 metres
  • Systems with a horizontal and vertical axis
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Examination of transport options
  • Maintenance and service of the system

With EMIS you are placing your confidence in proven and innovative systems for the storage of energy - individually crafted to your requests and to your specific infrastructure.

Heat storage devices
  • Planning and dimensioning of buffer storage units to optimise the operational statuses of CHP plants.
  • Storage capacities of 10 000 to 150 000 litres
Electricity storage devices
  • Planning and design of various electricity storage technologies
  • Areas of use:
  • Storage units from 50 kWh up to several MWh
  • Examination of transport options
  • Maintenance and service of battery systems
Standalone solutions
  • Creation of supply concepts for standalone and emergency backup power scenarios
  • Configuration of redundant power supply systems
  • Independence from renewable energy cost-sharing schemes and mains grid rentals
  • Examination of transport options
  • Maintenance and service of the system

Efficient generation and above all the use and reuse of energy are already important questions today, that will in future become a great deal more important. EMIS has a proven track record as an expert in a multiplicity of energy efficiency solutions, and is there to help you:

Peak load management
  • Identification of critical consumers
  • Intelligent energy control to reduce peak loads
  • Real-time monitoring of the current load characteristics
Dark radiators
  • Efficient generation of heat from radiant energy
Heat recuperation
  • Recuperation of unused heat energy from flue gases, ventilation systems and process media

Do you have any questions about energy management, or are you looking for ways to boost the efficiency of your system? If so, then please do not hesitate to contact us, and we shall work together to devise solutions that meet your precise needs.

EMIS is a competent all-round partner in matters of energy management, making us a dependable partner to contact when you need a monitoring solution with enduring future prospects. Our range of services extends from the recording of energy data (continuously or just temporarily) to related training courses and to the conducting of audits

Energy flow analysis
  • Recording of energy flows for display purposes
  • Creation and evaluation of key performance indicators (KPIs)
Energy monitoring
  • Creation and construction of a measuring concept
  • Data recording (continuous / temporary)
Training courses
  • Training in the family of standards ISO 50000 (- 50001 / - 50003 / - 50006 / - 50015)
Energy audit
  • Carrying out of energy audits in acc. with ISO 16247

As an experienced expert, we are always delighted to assist you with the operational management of power supply systems (and this includes the transformer stations of other system owners).

An overview of our range of products and services
  • Organisation of network management
  • Planning of maintenance and servicing
  • Drawing up of plans for major overhauls
  • Technical inspection and technical engineering support of systems
  • Management of the E-Book
  • Planning the design and optimisation of mains power networks
  • Coordination of work (overhauls, maintenance, checks and network conversion work)
  • Switching operations on the EMIS network and coordination with the upstream mains power providers (100 kV; 20 kV)

Hydro-electric power generation is one of the least environmentally harmful forms of obtaining electricity. EMIS is on hand to assist you with all aspects of the establishment and operation of hydro-electric power stations.

Our core skills in this field include
  • Planning
  • Project planning
  • Delivery
  • Assembly of components for hydro-electric power stations (operational control centres, deluge systems, pumping stations)

We also offer a wide range of service support functions. EMIS is always pleased to serve you as a competent partner.

Over the last few years, combined heat & power (CHP) plants have become increasingly attractive propositions. Their principal advantages include their comparatively high efficiency rating and their independence from external mains power charges. In addition, any power that exceeds own usage can be fed into local supply grids.
CHP systems can be used in relatively small units such as detached houses as well as in larger environments such as swimming pools or hospitals, and even in entire residential estates or corporate premises.

Operational management of CHP plants - across a performance range of 50 kW to 1200 kW, we can provide you with.
  • Remote monitoring
  • Monitoring of performance parameters
  • Regular site visits combined with preventive measures
  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • Repairs
  • Optimisation of operating parameters
  • Service
  • Maintenance


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