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Entertainment systems and experience technologies for amusement park rides

Ride systems have advanced rapidly in recent years – in every sense of the word. Faster, higher, and more spectacular than ever before!  EMIS ensures these rides are safe with trusted, reliable control systems. But more than this, we also provide entertainment systems that allow you to make your rides even more appealing while remaining truly family-friendly.

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Well-designed lighting can turn your roller coaster ride into a unique attraction. Thrilling lighting effects will excite passengers and eager spectators alike – spectators who’ll soon be rushing to experience your ride. As night falls, your amusement park will stand out unmistakably as it beautifully defines the skyline. There are really no limits to the type of lighting you can use. Whether you want headlights, underbody lighting, or lights in whatever position you choose – it’s all possible with EMIS. For water rides, we create striking visual effects by installing underwater lighting. The colour of the lighting can also change to create an enchanting atmosphere. And it doesn’t stop there! The vehicle can use different colours and flash at different frequencies to communicate with operators and maintenance staff. Colours and flashes can communicate faults or whether the vehicle is ready to go, and even specify the minimum closed position for the safety bar – without ever distracting from the passenger’s experience. The onboard control system always knows where the train is currently located, which makes it easy to distinguish between informative and entertaining lighting. Of course, you can also combine the two functions in the same area.

  • Headlights
  • Underbody lighting
  • Individual lighting placement
  • Animated show lighting
  • Informative lighting
  • Multicoloured lighting

Whether you’re looking for sound effects, announcement support, or music – our onboard audio systems deliver top-quality audio for every purpose. Recorded or microphone announcements are transmitted to the vehicle, wherever it is currently located. Music and sound effects are stored on a specially developed onboard player and can also be managed centrally and offboard on request. Timecode synchronisation ensures sounds played simultaneously through multiple speakers are perfectly in sync. This system enables us to play individual instruments in a piece of music through a specific channel that can be played exclusively onboard or offboard to create an intense three-dimensional sound effect. We can also synchronise sound effects with the music. Sounds can be precisely timed with the show, giving the passenger a uniquely moving experience.
Our audio system is easy to integrate into any existing setup. In the case of brand new ride systems, all requirements are carefully considered during construction to ensure all components are in perfect alignment. We think of everything – including the best position for the speakers, ensuring a visually harmonious appearance, and integrating the audio control system into the broader vehicle control system. All components are designed to fit the ride’s theme and subtly blend into their surroundings. We also offer waterproof sound systems for water rides.

  • Onboard announcements
  • Onboard music with onboard and offboard players
  • Precisely timed sound effects
  • Timecode synchronisation for onboard and offboard sound
  • Waterproof sound systems

Our onboard video system substantially adds to any amusement park experience. Whether rain or storm, we record passengers throughout their ride in brilliant HD. The data is then transmitted to the shopping system while visitors are getting on and off the ride. Recording and data transfer are fully automated. Connected to the power supply, our onboard video systems don’t require batteries, so there’s no risk of their charge running out. The video system automatically activates when the ride is turned on – and that’s all there is to it. We also record sound along with the video. Visitors can then take away a unique and precious souvenir that will serve as a lasting reminder of an exciting day out.
We pay close attention to the look, design, and theme of the ride when we integrate our cameras. Where required, we produce special housing for these units – and can also offer one-offs. Special varnishes and colour adjustments can be applied on request. For new ride systems, we integrate our video systems during the construction phase for a fully cohesive final look. We take all required distances, camera orientations, and environmental influences into account.

  • HD quality
  • Sound recording
  • No batteries
  • Automatic recording and data transfer
  • Recording whatever the weather

Show your visitors just how exciting your ride is! We can measure and display the heart rates of all occupants to make each ride that little bit more exciting. Sensors are integrated into the handles of every seat, allowing easy reading of each person’s pulse. They can track their current heart rate on the display in front of them.

The speed, height, and rapid movements of many rides are already pretty impressive by themselves. But these physical effects can be reinforced or even amplified with our seat shakers for even greater enjoyment! From a technical point of view, our seat shakers are a vibration motor installed in the seat, which then activates at the right moments to enhance the person’s experience. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, these seat shakers are sure to surprise your passengers! Our vibration motors are integrated into seats during construction.

No matter what video you decide to show on your virtual reality roller coasters, precise positioning ensures every simulation feels completely real. We work with our customer, VR-Coaster, to create unique VR amusement park experiences. Whether it’s a roller coaster or freefall tower, the user’s position is precisely monitored and transmitted to the VR goggles. This makes it possible to adjust position data to suit the exact position of each seat and its user’s sitting position.

  • Compatible with multiple ride types
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • Various movement directions
  • Linear and rotational movement
  • Precise positioning
  • Supports all sensor types

People are often eager to purchase videos of their roller coaster ride for posterity and sharing on social media. Passengers can purchase a copy from a robot that can burn them a DVD there and then. Alternatively, they can buy and download the video later online. EMIS has a smart solution that allows amusement parks to easily integrate the EMIS online interface into their website.

  • Automatic DVD production on purchase via robot
  • Easily integrate the EMIS download portal into your existing website
  • Ticket system to generate a ticket so visitors can purchase the video before they leave the park
  • Shopping monitors show the recorded video with a clearly displayed number that can be used to purchase the video
  • Automatic data transfer as passengers board and depart the train.
  • Linux & S7
  • Windows
  • Embedded Systeme
  • Bare Metal
  • C
  • SQL
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Phyton
  • Ethernet
  • WLAN Systeme
  • DMX
  • Dante
  • Bässgen
  • EMIS Amplifier
  • Gilderfluke
  • Maintronix
  • Simon Kaloi
  • Power Soft


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