We here at EMIS view

the future as a community project.

Power, supply, automation:

we stand for everything that enables

us to move forward together.

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Where others speak of digitalisation, we speak of virtual reality. As a provider of cutting edge technologies, we are doing our bit to develop the future of industrial processes and the secure energy supply of tomorrow. This principled belief is a core element of the actions we take as a company, and of our thoughts and actions on a daily basis. We view this development as a joint project - one shared with our customers, partners and friends. We stand for everything in the electrical engineering, automation and energy sectors that will guide industry forwards safely. To enable you to get a better picture, you can download press releases and various articles about EMIS from this area. Essential documents, brochures and flyers as well as certificates can also be found here as downloads beside their corresponding tabs. Are you missing something? If so, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing.

EMIS is already pre-qualified with various provides and companies, all of which demonstrates its versatility. To satisfy defined requirements, an upstream, order-independent test is conducted to verify suitability.

The health & safety at work policy at EMIS Electrics GmbH is managed by the company-wide SGU management system. This comprises the management of health & safety at work, taking due account of related health and environmental factors. Our aims and objectives are to protect the life and health of each employee and the environment. Accordingly, every employee is called upon to work in a way that protects himself, others and the environment.

With the help of a comprehensive quality management system at all phases and areas of collaboration, EMIS can ensure that services are delivered at a consistently high level and that individual customer requirements are satisfied. EMIS assures consistently high service quality by applying a firmly defined quality management system as defined in DIN EN ISO 9001 and KTA 1401.

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