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Become an EMISsary - Why EMIS?

Are you enthusiastic about technical things, innovative technologies and the possibilities associated with them? Excited by a vision of the future and by what it can deliver? Enthused by solutions that make the life of humankind better?

If so, then you already share the most important values that guide our actions every day here at EMIS. And we know a thing or two about drive. You see, we get involved where energy is created, where electricity is generated and transmitted. We bring our skills to bear on the operation of motors, generators, machinery and plant systems. People also trust our abilities when it comes to to ultra-complex controllers, e.g. for fairground rides.

At EMIS, a wide range of people work, embodying a vast range of strengths and abilities - indeed, every bit as multi-faceted as the customers and sectors for which we have been working ever since 1991. What connects us all? A fascination for technology and for solutions that are dependable and that point to the future.

It would be no exaggeration to state this: yes, EMIS is a really strong team! More than 350 men and women work here, giving their all to our customers and also supporting one another in the process - with respect, open-ness and fairness. Constructive criticism plays as much of a role here as mutual esteem and praise. Our employees were always the bedrock of the success of EMIS. Their motivation is as important to us as their satisfaction.

Because we are a family-managed company, the focus for us is on people, rather than on quarterly results. At a great many levels, we therefore strive to implement measures that make working here at EMIS even better and more attractive. This applies just as much to our current team as to future trainees, students, technical specialists and management staff. Here at EMIS we work with power, passion and intelligence. Would you like to become an EMISsary?

What we have to offer here at EMIS


  • Individual career planning
  • Flexible working time models (flexitime, home office)
  • Kindergarten subsidies
  • Occupational pension provision
  • Regular Jour fixes


  • Individual career planning
  • Target and perspective agreements
  • Qualification and further training offers
  • Attractive remuneration system
  • Profit-sharing, bonuses & other bonuses


  • Training supervisors and mentors
  • Trainee ambassador
  • Training circle
  • Internships for pupils and students
  • Technician works
  • Bachelor & Master Theses
  • Support for continuing education


  • Regular health days with checks
  • Nutrition & exercise tips
  • Ergonomic workplaces
  • Flexible working hours
  • Occupational safety training & measures


  • Continuous guidance
  • Individual support for each individual
  • Mutual respect
  • Team Spirit & Cohesion
  • Constructive conflict culture
  • Innovative and open corporate culture

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Is your desired workplace not being advertised? Apply anyway! We are always looking for people who wish to join us in shaping the future - and who see a future for themselves with us. People who think carefully, seize opportunities and wish to achieve something in a team. Ultimately, our success is founded upon having good employees. This is the thought that drives us forward, since here at EMIS we all strive to do better every single day. Become part of a company that works with energy, heart and understanding.

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