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Electrical infrastructure

EMIS does more than provide its customers with the benefit of its experience in the planning, building and commissioning of power systems. It can also assist with the maintenance, inspection and upkeep of these systems. Cost-effectiveness, the ability to honour its deadline commitments and reliability are just three of the convincing qualities of EMIS. Our specialist expertise also extends to supplementary aspects in the sectors of production industry, transport technology (infrastructure) and mining. Our skilled and experienced payroll staff has a flexible approach to finding appropriate solutions, and this is our great strength. In addition, when required and necessary, we can involve various EMIS divisions in the tasks assigned to us. This is of particular importance to ensuring that we meet customer-specific details.

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Thomas Bittner

In the electrical infrastructure sector, EMIS provides you with an experienced all-round partner. The fields of application can vary widely: from metrology, open-loop and closed-loop control technology associated with the generation of electricity, e.g. from wind or hydro power, service, maintenance, inspection and reconstruction of electrical and lighting systems, actuator and feedback control drives, flue gas measuring systems or water analysis systems and a huge and diverse range of other services to do with the transmission and distribution of electricity as well as building-related installations.

The breadth of our portfolio of goods and services makes EMIS a valuable and dependable partner for a wide range of applications associated with measurement, open-loop control and feedback control technology. A range including electrical and lighting systems, actuator-based and controlled operations up to flue gas measurement systems and water analysis systems.

We help with the assembly, maintenance and service of measuring devices used to record pressure, fill levels, volumes, flow rates, speeds, limit positions, positions and temperatures - from troubleshooting, maintenance and repair through to remedial work. In these fields, we have great expertise in a vast array of different measurement processes (differential pressure, ultrasound, radar, magnetic / inductive).

Electrical / lighting systems
We are a dependable partner for assembly, maintenance and service in electrical and lighting systems, and we can provide a DGUV-V3 inspection of stationary systems and non-stationary tooling as defined in TRBS 1203.
We often get involved in the planning, construction, maintenance and service of on-site electricity generating systems, the installation and wiring of primary and secondary distributors and in the inspection of systems in accordance with DGUV specification 3. We perform maintenance and service work on lighting systems in buildings and industrial systems as well as initial commissioning and subsequent testing of stationary electrical systems.

Actuator-based & controlled drives
We know what we are doing with electrical actuator drives for a very wide range of manufacturers, e.g. linear, rotary and swivel drives made by AUMA and Drehmo (EMG). In this we assure maintenance, repair and inspection at our own test location (for torques of up to 1000 Nm). After an incoming inspection at our test location, the drive is examined and repaired. This is followed by a final inspection including the setting of customer-specified torques at the test station.
We are also a competent partner to ABB for the configuration and commissioning of RHD (Contrac) control element drives .

Flue gas measurement systems (EMI measurement)
We are an experienced partner for the assembly, maintenance and service of measuring devices to record emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), oxygen (O2), mercury (Hg), dust, humidity and the flue gas volumetric flow rate made by Sick Maihak and Durag.

Water analysis systems
We can help with the assembly of differential pressure pipes for the hydraulic connection of measuring devices for water analysis and measuring devices based on the differential pressure principle with pipework diameters of up to 12 mm in material quality 1.4571. We are also experienced in the assembly, maintenance and service of water analysis measuring devices to record pH values, conductivity, oxygen, iron, sodium, silicic acid and opacity. This includes the inspection and procurement of reagent functions, the checking of measuring cells and/or sensors and of measuring devices to assure plausibility of measurement values.

EMIS is defined by its comprehensive range of skills in the field of switchgear commissioning and the transmission and distribution of electricity as well as the planning, installation and operation of on-site electrical power generation. We also have a great deal of experience in the maintenance, servicing and commissioning of LV switchgear including their cleaning, maintenance and servicing to manufacturer specifications on individual drawers and switch cells and in the checking of them for functionality and compliance with DGUV V3, the setting of limit values, initial and repeat commissioning, the setting of power switches, testing for selectivity, the configuration of electronic control units (ECUs) and the extension of new switch panels and/or cells to expand systems in various sizes and types. We also know exactly what we are doing with MV switchgear and building installation .

An overview of our competencies and services.
  • Medium-voltage
  • High-voltage
  • Transformer stations
  • turnkey systems (delivery & construction)
  • Retrofit (primary & secondary technology)
  • Operational management
  • On-site electrical power generation
  • LV switchgear
  • MV switchgear
  • Building installation
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services in the switchgear sector.
  • Maintenance and inspection of switchgear up to 30 kV
  • System surveillance / Monitoring
  • Retrofitting and inspecting monitoring systems (vibration, temperature, pressure, partial discharge ...)
  • Drawing power from a generator
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Protection tests


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