EU funding for valuable and energy-efficient measures

The first project involves the improvement of lighting at the Lübbenau location and at the Jänschwalde location. Through analyses in the energy audit, lighting was identified as one of the big energy consumers. In the parts of the building where we manufacture switch cabinet enclosures in Lübbenau, the fluorescent tubes were replaced with 84 LED tubes.

This measure made it possible to reduce the amount of power consumed by lighting by 37% while at the same time improving illumination levels, which in turn improves working conditions. The bulk of this project was implemented at the Jänschwalde location. There, fluorescent tubes and HQL lamps were replaced by economical LED spot lights, and a presence-controlled LED lighting system was installed in the office area.

Both measures signify a total energy saving of about 6% for the entire EMIS Group. Implementation was supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund and by a regional investment bank, the Investitions- und Landesbank Brandenburg.

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