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Switch cabinets

Experienced and knowledgeable in what we do, we at EMIS are the perfect partner for the production of switch cabinets, distributors, pneumatic boxes, and control boxes. Whether one-off products, mass production, a standardised system or a bespoke solution – we provide every product or service you’ll possibly need.

Our expertise at a glance:

  • CNC machining
  • Bespoke production and flexible mass production
  • Modifications available both during and after production
  • Standard systems and bespoke products
  • Switch cabinets in accordance with IEC and UL 508A via our certified UL-centre
  • Switch cabinet systems up to 1600 A
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Production of pneumatic systems
  • Global distribution in made-to-measure seaworthy packaging
  • Reinforced switch cabinet base unit for transporting cabinets up to a bay length of 4.80 m.
  • On-board installation on vehicles and mobile units
  • Installation of systems or system components on site
  • Hardware controls and touch panel interfaces
  • Large cabinet systems from brand-name manufacturers
  • Production based on circuit diagrams provided or in-house design


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Harald Gehring

Our classic switch cabinet enclosures are sourced exclusively from well-known brand manufacturers and are then modified by EMIS to meet your exact needs. Where an off-the-peg solution won’t do, we also design and manufacture bespoke enclosures to suit your exact requirements. Whether you need custom paintwork, shapes or designs, or large custom label designs – we can provide whatever you need.

  • Custom enclosure designs
  • Space-saving solutions
  • Enclosures for moving objects, e.g. roller-coasters
  • CNC machining
  • Paintwork
  • Classic or custom label designs

We can manufacture your switch cabinets based on plans designed by our in-house construction team – or based on hardware plans provided by our customers. All manufacturing is done exclusively in Germany – and we pay special attention to every detail to ensure excellent results and consistent high quality.

Bespoke production: Many of our customers require one-off variations of a bespoke solution. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can efficiently produce control units even on a one-off basis. However, needs can change while a project is in progress – particularly in the case of one-off bespoke solutions. We make it easy for our customers – modifications to an existing piece can easily be made both during and after the manufacturing process. Modifications can be carried out, even when the switch cabinet is already in production.
Mass production: If you’re producing a few more units, then we can use our highly efficient mass production system to reduce your costs. We know there are some cases where the real requirements only become clear once the initial units are in operation. We can quickly incorporate important changes into the design – and modify units already produced to match.
IEC and UL standards: Compliance with current standards and statutory requirements is essential when it comes to switch cabinets. We go beyond merely meeting the IEC and UL standards – we also apply the UL label ourselves at our certified UL centre.
High-performance: We offer switch cabinets with a nominal rating of up to 1600 A.
Control units: Aside from traditional mechanical controls, we also integrate other components, such as user-friendly touch panels. Modern intuitive interfaces ensure maximum ease of use.
On-site installation: Our job isn’t over the moment our products leave the factory floor; we also install complete facilities where required and can make last-minute changes on site, should your needs have changed.
On-board installation: The control system isn’t always installed in a stationary location. Particularly in the case of ride systems, compact cabinets and special enclosures may be installed aboard movable elements. We are highly familiar with the corresponding additional requirements, e.g. limited space and resistance to vibration. EMIS can easily install switch cabinets wherever they are needed.

We manufacture pneumatic solutions in accordance with your requirements – including full testing and pressure adjustment. We can also produce a pneumatic circuit diagram for you, or can work based on your documents.

Packaging: We can pack your switch cabinet in appropriate packaging for transport by land or sea, regardless of size. Especially when switch cabinets are transported on longer journeys by sea, measures must be taken to ensure the goods arrive at their destination as expected. We are very familiar with the demands of global shipping – and know what to do to ensure your product arrives safely.
Switch cabinets up to 4.80 m in size: Usually, even modular switch systems are very limited in terms of maximum length. Our reinforced base unit system, developed in house, can be used to manufacture switch systems that exceed 4.80 m in length. This allows switch systems to be transported as a single unit and positioned at your desired location via crane.


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