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We are driven by a passion for sophisticated solutions and desire to connect people to the world of technology and machinery. Today we enjoy a solid reputation as a leading engineering partner for a wide range of very varied customers. The extensive experience we’ve gained across numerous successful projects allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services to meet every customer need.

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EMIS has always prioritised maximum functionality and performance – but we also recognise the importance of a reliable fallback mechanism in the event of a fault. We offer a range of tried-and-tested solutions:

Our services include:
  • Determining the performance level in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • Implementing failsafe control systems based on DIN EN ISO 13849 or IEC 13849 standards
  • Determining the SIL levels as per IEC 61508
  • Implementing failsafe control systems based on the IEC 61508 standard

EMIS provides engineering support at every step of your journey. Our experienced experts can advise you even at the early exploratory stages, helping you to find the right solution while taking current and future needs into account. We will analyse your requirements and existing setup to find the best solution for your specific situation.

EMIS offers efficient and intelligently designed development concepts: The software, hardware plans and operation structures are modular by design – ensuring maximum efficiency while allowing you to keep using and build on existing solutions.
EMIS combines high-level technical expertise with decades of experience and the ability to assess the potential demands of current and future applications and other requirements. This adds value and allows our customers to plan for the future.

EMIS has considerable expertise and experience in installing protection devices and controllers. Specifically, we have extensive experience in programming and setting parameters for protection units, manual control units, and controllers – for any manufacturer.

Our services include:
  • Protection functions
  • Programming
  • Setting parameters
  • Logic
  • Control interface setup
  • Bus protocols: IEC 61850, IEC103,104, Profinet, Profibus (among others)

EMIS carefully considers how every implemented solution will work and be operated, right from the start. We focus on highly practical solutions and user-friendly interfaces based on intuitive operating concepts. These are carefully adapted to real human behavioural patterns.

Our services include:
  • Simple and intuitive operating concepts
  • Continuous further development
  • Operating concept based on modern mobile devices for a familiar interface

When it comes to frequency converters, EMIS boasts considerable experience and a sturdy reputation for its rock-solid processes, including hardware design and programming.
We supply complete solutions for various sectors, such as power generation technology, industrial plants, opencast mining technology, and amusement rides.

Our services include:
  • Delivery, assembly and commissioning
  • Complete systems including cable route construction, cable pulls, control technology, equipment, switchgear systems, positioning software and visualisation technologies
  • Manufacturer-independent services
  • Wide range of sectors, including power generation technology, opencast mining technology, industrial plants and the leisure industry
  • Large opencast mining equipment, conveyor systems, materials handling, amusement rides, etc.
  • Low-voltage converters for all performance classes
  • Medium voltage converters (currently only for Siemens)
  • Provisional converter systems to bypass systems lost during retrofitting.

We at EMIS are experts in almost all commonly used bus systems and bus protocols. This allows us to provide comprehensive advice based on the wide range of available options.

Our highly competent team allows us to provide best-in-class software development and programming to our customers. We combine technically sophisticated, pioneering solutions with attractive and high-performance user interfaces.

EMIS covers all primary and secondary planning services for low- to high-voltage systems. We can plan your operator control consoles, control cabinets, protection cabinets, control technology cabinets, AC-DC systems (distributors/battery systems/transformers).
Our well-trained and experienced team will provide all-round excellent support from brainstorming through to implementation. Our expertise ranges from simple building installations to complex plants or rides, to complete solutions for and within substations, power stations, and industrial plants.

Our services include:
  • Engineering plans from basic support to planning the full implementation (based on HoAI LP 1 to 5)
  • Power grid analysis (for short circuits and load flow)
  • Calculating protection level
  • Cable management (routing, calculation/design, selectivity)
  • Lighting calculation
  • Control cabinet planning based on IEC 61439
  • Retrofitting protection and control technology
  • Interface planning
  • Assembly planning
  • Documentation in standard CAE and CAD programs in both 2D and 3D (Ruplan/ELCAD/EPLAN/AutoCAD/Microsoft Office, etc.)


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