Wherever performance is required,

downtime is not an option.

We keep motors and generators

running, which ensures

power keeps flowing.

Electrical machinery

Generators and motors require competent handling in order to generate energy safely and sustainably. As a tried-and-tested expert, we are there for you with a reliable team and with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Your direct point of contact

Karla Martinek

EMIS has an extensive range of professional skills, a comprehensive range of power-related products and services associated with generator service, where our competence extends up to 500 kW. Our range extends from disassembly to inspection and the carrying out of remedial work, up to and including assembly and commissioning, also including measurement work during the commissioning process and calculations to boost power ratings and a retrofit service.

Technical equipment
  • Clean room
  • Cap extraction fixture
  • Medium-frequency system
  • Large lathe (for drilling, milling and turning)
  • Mobile measuring vehicle etc.
Our services
  • Status analyses and maintenance operations
  • Major overhauls and repairs
  • Rewinding of rotors and stators
  • Replacement of rotor caps
  • Preparation of shafts and replacement of collector rings and collectors
  • Complete electrical measurements and tests
  • Design modifications to customer requests
  • Production and delivery of spare parts
  • Roundness check and mechanical machining
  • Carrying out of generator protection tests
  • Assembly and commissioning of excitation systems

With the competence of EMIS at your service, you can extend the intervals between major motor overhauls substantially to achieve maximum availability. With the very latest of diagnostic procedures, we establish the actual conditions of machines and can then issue status-related maintenance recommendations. This eliminates the need for preventive maintenance and its associated shut-downs and breakdowns.

Our services
  • On-site or workshop-based disassembly / assembly
  • Transport to the workshop
  • Vibration analyses
  • Measurements of all electrical inputs and outputs
  • Concentricity measurements and mechanical machining
  • New development and new wedging
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Dimensional check of all load-bearing machine components
  • Status diagnostics of rolling and anti-friction bearings
  • Replacement or reconditioning of shafts, slip rings and collectors
  • Cleaning and painting work
  • Commissioning operations
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Test runs in the test area (up to 10 kV, 5000 kW)

In terms of auxiliary systems, EMIS can provide you with a comprehensive range of products and services

  • Generator protection
    primary and secondary testing of the protection device
  • H2 systems
    Checking and maintenance of supply systems for hydrogen-cooled generators
  • Sealing oil systems
    Checking and maintenance of sealing oil systems for hydrogen-cooled generators
  • Excitation systems
    Checking external excitation systems
    Assembly and commissioning of static excitation
  • Cooling system
    Maintenance and inspection of cooling systems
  • Switchgear
    Maintenance and inspection of switchgear up to 30 kV
  • System surveillance / Monitoring
    Retrofit and inspection of monitoring systems (vibration, temperature, pressure, partial discharge ...)
    Online and offline systems
  • Generator dissipation
    Inspection and maintenance


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