We at EMIS see the future as

something we can shape together.

Energy generation, supply, and

automation – these vital elements

stand at the core of what we do.   


First-class technology and energy services

EMIS is a family-run group of companies headquartered in Lübbenau, Germany. With almost 500 employees across ten locations, we deliver sophisticated solutions in the fields of energy supply, electrical technology, and automation. We serve a wide variety of sectors, including industry, energy generation, energy supply, transportation, and leisure.

Our customers value our advanced technological expertise and comprehensive full-service approach, covering everything from analysis to implementation.People are the inspiration and reason behind what we do. That is why it is both our objective and obligation to put people at the absolute centre of what we do. 

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We pride ourselves on our strong customer-focus. Because even with all our experience, each new project is always unique.  Our key qualities – listening and understanding – allow us to do things better.

But we also take responsibility – because safety and security are important in the sectors we serve. Only the best is good enough – and our desire for innovation drives continual improvement.

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Our expertise at a glance:

Switchgear and automation systems, electrical infrastructure, motors and generators, amusement park rides, energy supply, and more – our range of services shows the energy and power behind everything we do.

Energy is our business – in every sense of the word. As a company, we are dedicated and believe in always giving our best. We provide safe, functional, and long-lasting solutions. Our customers value not just our technological expertise, but also our experience and ability to get the job done. More than that, though, they value our commitment to lasting relationships and continuous improvement.

We care about our customers – and this includes securing their long-lasting success. That is why we focus on developing technology with vision and solutions with perspective. Of course, this is only possible through close dialogue. That’s why EMIS’s projects always involve a lot of in-person contact. We employ people who do their utmost every day to find the best and most efficient solution for our customers and partners.

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Electrical engineering components - from foundation to hub

What we can do for you

  • Generator check
  • Visual and annual maintenance,
  • Plant inspection in acc. with DGUV V3
  • Visual inspection of switchgear (QU, distance, differential protection)
  • Cable measuring carriage support
  • Cable and sheath testing with VLF 0.1 Hertz to 54 kV
  • Repair of sleeves and end connectors


Inspection in acc. with DGUV V3

  • Low-voltage electrical installation
  • Medium-voltage electrical installation
  • Lightning protection

Test verification

EMIS also ensures that your systems comply with the requirements of DGUV V3 and works through all manufacturer-compliant forms of test verification.

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Solutions for EX-endangered areas

EMIS is your perfect partner for processes that are not only improved but that are also made safe. With our plant control systems for explosive areas, for example in the petrochemicals, food or medical technology sectors, you can be sure of receiving optimum safety and efficiency from us.

How does that work?

  • You stipulate the explosive zone category (1 or 2) and define the ATEX class.
  • Verification of failsafe properties (Exi)
  • Design of a plant controller.
  • FAT (acceptance test)
  • Commissioning

Your benefits at EMIS:

  • Solutions for zones 1 and 2, including dusts and gases
  • independent of suppliers

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Plant control with functional safety

The automation of industrial and production plants is founded on many criteria relating to performance and safety. With solutions from EMIS, you are not only placing your confidence in safe and effective systems that satisfy those requirements but also in a highly-skilled team that supports you with a great deal of experience - and that places a high value on validation.

What we do for you:

  • safety-directed controllers for passenger transport
  • redundant controllers (H controller)
  • failsafe controllers (F controller)
  • personal safety in industrial plants
  • Sistema safety evaluation tool
  • compliance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and validation in acc. with DIN EN ISO 13849-2
  • documentation of a high standard
  • global experience with third party companies (Europe, Asia and the USA)

DIN 13849 covers the safety of machinery. A risk evaluation follows together with an assessment of safety-relevant components followed by a sub-division into various Performance Levels (a to e). Documentation is another important topic here, alongside the risk evaluation and the assessment of components.

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Rail applications

Seamless operations are essential in the rail infrastructure sector. As an all-round provider for electrical engineering and power supply systems, EMIS is your perfect partner for technical rail safety systems.

What we do for you:

Delivery, installation and assembly of complex power supply systems

  • DC
  • 50 Hz
  • 16.7 Hz

Cable building up to 50 kV

  • Structural engineering
  • Routing
  • Assembly

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Stay fit for the future with EMIS! Or become so. Automation to boost the performance of existing industrial plant, as well as to enhance the performance level of fairground rides, is one of our core areas of competence. With its many years of experience, you can place your confidence in EMIS as a reliable partner.

What we do for you:

  • Analysis of existing systems
  • Actuators / sensors
  • Process snapshot
  • Integration of vision systems
  • Planning
  • Conducting a risk assessment.
  • Expansion of existing systems.
  • Replacement of partial sections or of complete system control.
  • Digital activation (facilitating predictive maintenance by phasing out relay control)
  • Improving efficiency
  • Shortening tooling times
  • Assurance of component availability
  • Update to high-quality documentation
  • More intuitive operating concepts

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Transformer stations

As a competent full-service provider, EMIS can provide you with efficient complete solutions including installation and expansion work in the transformer plant sector. As you would of course expect, we comply with all of the important standards.

In the power station service sector, we provide repeat tests after recommissioning to test systems in accordance with Ex Protection, Section 14 paras. 1 -3 and Section 15 of BetrSichV [German Plant Safety legislation]. This involves checking the safety measures and all related documentation.

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