We at EMIS direct our gaze towards the future

as a community project.

Power, supply, automation:

we stand for everything that enables

us to move forward together.

Superlative services in the technology and power sectors

EMIS is family-managed group of companies with its head office in Lübbenau. With slightly fewer than 500 employees at ten locations, we handle challenging solutions in the power supply, electrical engineering and automation sectors. Our customers are drawn from a very diverse range of sectors - from industry to power generating business and utility providers to transport technology, manufacturers of fairground rides and leisure park operators. They appreciate us not only for our great technological expertise but also for our end-to-end Full Service approach, extending from analysis to implementation.

Our services – called for in a vast range of different sectors: wherever automated processes and maintained efficiently in operation, wherever power needs to be transmitted safely, and wherever new paths to the future need to be found - EMIS is your perfect partner for all of these and more. We are committed to flexible, individual, innovative and end-to-end solutions. What can we do for you?

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People. That would be our answer if we were asked for whom we engage in our daily work. To focus so decisively on people is an aspiration and an obligation at one and the same time.

We stand for ultimate customer-facing business. Despite all of our experience - every project for us remains unique and individual. For us, listening and understanding are two of our most essential capabilities. That is the only way for us to make things better. And we bear responsibility. You see, wherever we get involved, safety has a central role to play. Here, the very best is only just good enough - and our ability to innovate is the engine that drives a constant stream of new developments.

The synthesis of technological expertise, close customer relationships and pioneering spirit has made us into what we are today: a globally successful company tackling all aspects of power, electronics, electrical engineering and automation. We are always looking for the optimum solution - for today and tomorrow. Together with our partners, we create a better world one step at a time.

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An overview of all competencies

Automation equipment and switchgear, electrical infrastructure, motors and generators, audio, video and light, automated processes, power transmission and power supply - and a great deal more. Yes, our range of products and services is all about Power, in the fullest sense of the word!

Energy is our vocation - in every conceivable way. You see, we ourselves are a company founded upon total commitment and passion. We give everything to enable us to provide safe, functional and sustainable solutions. Our customers appreciate more than just our technological expertise, our experience and our technical knowledge. They also really appreciate our aspiration, which is to work as a long-term partner to improve everything in a sustainable manner.

We are committed to the success of our customers - on a sustainable basis. This is why we are committed to developments that are far-sighted, and to solutions with future prospects. Something which, of course, requires close symbiosis in order to happen. Projects with EMIS are therefore characterised to a very large extent by personal contact. We have people working for us who do their utmost every day to find the best and most efficient outcome for our customers and partners.

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News and dates for the diary

Erweitertes Firmengebäude in Waldkirch feierlich eingeweiht.

In Waldkirch wurde der Erweiterungsbau des EMIS-Firmengebäudes feierlich eingeweiht. Für 2,2 Millionen Euro wurde das bestehende Gebäude um ein Stockwerk und einen Anbau ergänzt. Investiert wurde dabei außerdem in ein ausgeklügeltes und zukunftsweisendes Raumkonzept, das innovatives und kreatives Arbeiten weiter beflügeln soll.

Zu den Gästen der Eröffnungsfeier zählten Roman Götzmann, Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Waldkirch, Christian von Elverfeldt, Geschäftsführer der Mack Rides GmbH& Co. KG sowie Jürgen Mack, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter des Europa Park Rust. Nach den Eröffnungsreden von EMIS-Geschäftsführer Christopher Perschk und von Harald Gehring, Leiter des Geschäftsbereiches...

Jugend Forscht Gewinner bei EMIS

Vom 11. bis 17. Juni waren Luca Kromer, Marco Kappel und Jonas Klosa bei EMIS in Waldkirch zu Gast, um ihr Praktikum einzulösen, welches sie beim diesjährigen Jugend-Forscht-Wettbewerb gewonnen hatten. Während des Praktikums konnte nicht nur die Produktion von EMIS, sondern auch die Fertigung der Firma Mack Rides besichtigt werden. Außerdem durften die Praktikanten einen Blick hinter die Kulissen des Europa-Parks werfen.Die drei Schüler des Martin-Schongauer-Gymnasiums in Breisach arbeiteten während der Praktikumswoche in der Schaltschrankfertigung mit und gewannen außerdem einen Einblick in das Projektgeschäft, die Hardwareplanung, die Technische Redaktion und das Marketing. 

B2Run Firmenlauf

Beim diesjährigen B2Run Firmenlauf in Freiburg nahmen 11 der 51 Mitarbeiter des Waldkircher EMIS-Standorts teil. Bei bester Stimmung und idealem Laufwetter waren an diesem Tag insgesamt knapp 6000 Läufer am Start.

Gesund und fit in die Zukunft: EMIS Bike startet

Am 1. April startet EMIS das Dienstradleasing-Angebot "EMIS Bike". Bis zu einem bestimmten Gesamtbetrag können EMIS-MitarbeiterInnen dann E-Bikes und Räder leasen. Und zwar nicht nur für sich, sondern auch für ihre Familienangehörigen.

Radfahren hält fit und ist ein guter Ausgleich zum Arbeitsalltag. Um auch die gemeinsame Freizeitgestaltung mit der Familie zu fördern, war es EMIS außerdem wichtig, dass auch Ehepartner und Kinder der Mitarbeiter von dem Angebot profitieren können.

EMIS übergibt Sonderpreise bei Jugend Forscht

„Frag nicht mich. Frag dich.“ ist das Motto des diesjährigen Wettbewerbs von Jugend Forscht. 202 Schülerinnen und Schüler gingen am 14. und 15. Februar beim Regionalwettbewerb Südbaden in Freiburg mit insgesamt 106 Projekten an den Start.
Als Sponsor des Wettbewerbs übergibt EMIS, vertreten durch Harald Gehring, am 14. Februar die EMIS-Sonderpreise an die Gewinner. 

EMIS at the Jobstart Exchange in Waldkirch

The Jobstart Exchange is an information and contact trade fair for everyone seeking or providing a training post. You can visit this year's Jobstart Exchange from 16 to 17 October.



Electrical engineering components - from foundation to hub

What we can do for you

  • Generator check
  • Visual and annual maintenance,
  • Plant inspection in acc. with DGUV V3
  • Visual inspection of switchgear (QU, distance, differential protection)
  • Cable measuring carriage support
  • Cable and sheath testing with VLF 0.1 Hertz to 54 kV
  • Repair of sleeves and end connectors


Inspection in acc. with DGUV V3

  • Low-voltage electrical installation
  • Medium-voltage electrical installation
  • Lightning protection

Test verification

EMIS also ensures that your systems comply with the requirements of DGUV V3 and works through all manufacturer-compliant forms of test verification.

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Solutions for EX-endangered areas

EMIS is your perfect partner for processes that are not only improved but that are also made safe. With our plant control systems for explosive areas, for example in the petrochemicals, food or medical technology sectors, you can be sure of receiving optimum safety and efficiency from us.

How does that work?

  • You stipulate the explosive zone category (1 or 2) and define the ATEX class.
  • Verification of failsafe properties (Exi)
  • Design of a plant controller.
  • FAT (acceptance test)
  • Commissioning

Your benefits at EMIS:

  • Solutions for zones 1 and 2, including dusts and gases
  • independent of suppliers

Direct inquiry or contact:

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Plant control with functional safety

The automation of industrial and production plants is founded on many criteria relating to performance and safety. With solutions from EMIS, you are not only placing your confidence in safe and effective systems that satisfy those requirements but also in a highly-skilled team that supports you with a great deal of experience - and that places a high value on validation.

What we do for you:

  • safety-directed controllers for passenger transport
  • redundant controllers (H controller)
  • failsafe controllers (F controller)
  • personal safety in industrial plants
  • Sistema safety evaluation tool
  • compliance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and validation in acc. with DIN EN ISO 13849-2
  • documentation of a high standard
  • global experience with third party companies (Europe, Asia and the USA)

DIN 13849 covers the safety of machinery. A risk evaluation follows together with an assessment of safety-relevant components followed by a sub-division into various Performance Levels (a to e). Documentation is another important topic here, alongside the risk evaluation and the assessment of components.

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Rail applications

Seamless operations are essential in the rail infrastructure sector. As an all-round provider for electrical engineering and power supply systems, EMIS is your perfect partner for technical rail safety systems.

What we do for you:

Delivery, installation and assembly of complex power supply systems

  • DC
  • 50 Hz
  • 16.7 Hz

Cable building up to 50 kV

  • Structural engineering
  • Routing
  • Assembly

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Stay fit for the future with EMIS! Or become so. Automation to boost the performance of existing industrial plant, as well as to enhance the performance level of fairground rides, is one of our core areas of competence. With its many years of experience, you can place your confidence in EMIS as a reliable partner.

What we do for you:

  • Analysis of existing systems
  • Actuators / sensors
  • Process snapshot
  • Integration of vision systems
  • Planning
  • Conducting a risk assessment.
  • Expansion of existing systems.
  • Replacement of partial sections or of complete system control.
  • Digital activation (facilitating predictive maintenance by phasing out relay control)
  • Improving efficiency
  • Shortening tooling times
  • Assurance of component availability
  • Update to high-quality documentation
  • More intuitive operating concepts

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Transformer stations

As a competent full-service provider, EMIS can provide you with efficient complete solutions including installation and expansion work in the transformer plant sector. As you would of course expect, we comply with all of the important standards.

In the power station service sector, we provide repeat tests after recommissioning to test systems in accordance with Ex Protection, Section 14 paras. 1 -3 and Section 15 of BetrSichV [German Plant Safety legislation]. This involves checking the safety measures and all related documentation.

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