At EMIS we’re known for our ability to

master the greatest challenges.

And how do we manage it?

By motivating each other as a team

to perform at our best every day.

Who we are

EMIS is a family-run group of companies with ten locations and 350 employees across Germany. We are known for our impressive pool of expertise and ability to deliver bespoke, flexible, holistic solutions in the fields of energy supply, electrical technology, and automation.
We deploy energy and vision to successfully realise projects both within Germany and further afield. At the same time, our customers appreciate our ability to respond quickly to a constantly changing market. High technical and technological expertise combined with strong customer focus guarantee our excellent results – and ultimately the enduring success of our company. The experienced team behind EMIS makes us a perfect partner for developing safe and reliable electricity supply solutions and optimised industrial processes.

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Christopher Perschk

Managing Director

Head of Projects & Service

Eberhard Perschk

Managing Partner

Benjamin Oppermann

Head of Business Development

Daniel Gollasch

Head of Finance


We translate experience into innovation – for meaningful change that is driven by energy, inspired by passion, and applied with intelligence.   
EMIS is a reliable and family-run service provider that is shaping the future of energy in the digital age.
Our partners worldwide reap the benefits of our state-of-the-art innovations in safe automation technology and modern, reliable energy supply.
To achieve this, we develop our own technologies while setting new standards.
Proud of our independence, we boldly seek out promising opportunities and are developing prosperously.
Robust and quietly confident, our company thrives while true to its strong local roots.

Our values


We are ready to help.

Because it’s always about the “we”. Just as we are committed to helping our customers and partners, we also support each other at EMIS.


EMIS values proximity and helpfulness. We see ourselves as our customers’ problem-solvers and are always ready to help: quickly, competently, and with a smile.

We see open, attentive dialogue with our customers, staff, and other project stakeholders as an indispensable core component.


We are experts.

We have expertise because we hire experts – people who are masters of their trade. Continuous improvement and professional development are among our core principles.


Our range of services shows the energy and power behind everything we do.
We work in areas where there are no ifs or buts when it comes to safety. These are areas that demand experts. Our employees are specialists in every sense – excellently trained, and vastly experienced in technical matters. In these fast-moving times, education provides only the solid foundation – and must be extended with ongoing training. At EMIS, we don’t just keep up with the times, we also set future trends.


We are adaptable.

EMIS does not work based on some rigid scheme, but adapts its methods to the specific requirements of its customers.


We at EMIS have decades of experience and extensive technical expertise in all our working areas.
The best solution is always carefully selected from the wealth of possibilities – no matter how rare it may be.


We act responsibly.

We are conscientious in our interactions with people and nature alike. We work sustainably and safely at all times.


At EMIS, we work in areas where we must always deliver the absolute best performance – while ensuring maximum safety. When machinery has to operate under high loads, when a high-voltage current is connected, or when people in amusement parks are being moved around at high speed – these are the situations when we at EMIS bear special responsibility for the safety and reliability of our solutions.
At the same time, we also have a sense of responsibility for our employees. Going beyond statutory regulations, we are also committed to making work and family life as compatible as possible, while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our people.
Last but not least, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. Our company is unwavering in its focus on the use of renewable energies and the development of resource-efficient technologies.


We focus on finding solutions in all we do.
We always focus on what can be achieved, so we are always focused on solutions.
The solutions we at EMIS develop for our customers are very diverse.
Performance and safety take top priority, and we can’t afford to make compromises.  
The practical viability of our systems, products, and solutions is the key barometer of our success. That is why our decisions are always grounded in high-level technical expertise, years of experience, and direct feedback from our customers and partners. EMIS is trusted to deliver practical solutions – solutions that work just as well in simulation as they do every day and under very high loads.


We are here for the long term.
As a family-run group of companies, we put sustainable development before short-term profits.
EMIS has always been about conducting business with vision and a sense of responsibility. The contrast between our regional roots in multiple areas in Germany and our successful implementation of many global projects show how well we combine an impressive range of technical services with the down-to-earth nature of a family-run business.

This is how we have evolved to become an exceptionally stable company in a position to promise its customers and staff long-standing relationships based on trust, openness, and reliability.


EMIS looks to the future.
Our focus is on tomorrow, because the view on the horizon is full of interesting challenges. But we will never lose touch with our roots.
Our contemporaries in the field of energy generation and supply are very familiar with the concept of “change”. From coal and nuclear fission to the rise of renewable energies such as hydroelectricity, solar power, and wind power – the changes over the past few decades have been far-reaching and transformative. The world has been turning ever faster in other areas, too – such as electrical engineering and automation. With our forward-looking approach and vision, we consistently take these developments into account.
EMIS is all about progress and innovation. But we don’t just want to follow this course – we want to actively shape it. And how? By pursuing continual technological development and creating innovative solutions. And with vision, courage, and ample anticipation for the wonders of the future.


You can trust us.
We establish long-lasting bonds based on mutual trust.
At EMIS, we see ourselves as more than a service provider – we see ourselves as your partner. Our solutions are always the result of an honest and consultative development process. This has earned us the enduring trust of our customers and business partners. The way we work together at EMIS is similarly open and honest – because it is based on a culture of constructive communication and feedback.



We are reliable.
You can rely on us, because we deliver on our promises.
We at EMIS prefer to be modest when it comes to talking about our own merits.  
But there is one thing we can guarantee:
 work with us, and you can rely on us. Punctuality – like technical expertise – is simply par for the course at EMIS. This is backed up by the many customers and business partners who reward this with decades of collaboration.


Company founded. Created as a spin-off from the Lübbenau coal power station in Brandenburg.   
Entered into the commercial register as EMIS Elektro-MSR-Installation-Service GmbH (EMIS Service).
Upon founding, the company had 27 employees and an annual revenue of DM 2.3 million.
Just after the reunification, these were times when you’d only use an East German Trabant if it was offered to you for free. Eberhard Perschk sold his Lada to generate a little capital to start his own company. A friend kindly loaned him a Trabi so he could get from one meeting to the next.

Foundation of EMIS System (electrical plant construction).


First major order for EMIS at Schwarze Pumpe power station.
First major international projects in Mexico, Scandinavia and Kosovo.

Purchased power grids in all the LMBV (Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungs-Gesellschaft) redevelopment areas.
Founded subsidiary, EMIS Energy. Started recultivation work in the central German coal regions.

Founded the EMIS Group and EMIS Holding as a management company.

Expanded automation by opening the sites in Hamburg (industry) and Waldkirch (amusement park rides).

Merged EMIS Service, EMIS System and EMIS Holding to form EMIS Electrics GmbH.
Constructed the company building at the headquarters in Lübbenau (Spreewald, Brandenburg).

Entered the generator and motor service sector by establishing the electrical machinery division.
At this point, EMIS employed approx. 400 people and achieved an annual revenue of approx. €45 million.

Construction and operation of substations added to range of services.

Constructed the company building in Waldkirch (Black Forest).

Acquired Muß Dombrowski, thus gaining a base in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), and now offering industrial installations.

Entered the wind service sector.

Expanded the company building in Waldkirch.


Dedicated to doing good work

The time we spend at work represents a big part of our lives. Our aim is to make this as positive an experience as possible for our employees. We strive to foster a corporate climate in which each individual feels comfortable, valued, and taken seriously.

We welcome responsibility

As a family-run company, taking responsibility has always been part of our DNA. But what does that mean? It means that we understand the success we enjoy as a company to be an obligation to actively invest in future generations.
We have long been recognised and appreciated as a company that hires and trains apprentices, and we work closely with universities and vocational academies. Every junior employee receives the support they need to fully develop their potential.


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