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EMIS is a family-run group of companies that now operates from ten locations, with almost 500 men and women on its payroll. EMIS consists of three independent businesses: EMIS Electrics GmbH, founded in 1990 as a spin-off from the Lübbenau lignite power station, EMIS Energy GmbH (since 2000) and EMIS Industriemontagen Dombrowski GmbH (since 2016). We represent an amalgamation of professional skills committed to flexible, individual and end-to-end solutions in the sectors of power supply, electrical engineering and automation.

With drive and far-sightedness, we implement successful national and international projects. At the same time, our customers appreciate the speed at which we can adapt to a continuously changing market. Great technical and technological expertise and a policy of consistent customer focus are the features that guarantee excellent final outcomes - and ultimately the sustained success of our company. An experienced team makes EMIS the perfect partner for the development of safe supply solutions and optimised industrial processes.

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Eberhard Perschk


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Projects & Service Director

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Business Development Director

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Finance Director


We transfer experience into innovation - for meaningful conversion. Powerful, passionate and intelligent.

EMIS is the reliable, family-run service provider that will help to shape the new energy and digital era.

Worldwide, we provide our partners with innovative solutions for safe automation technology as well as with modern and reliable forms of energy supply. To achieve this, we devise our own technologies and we define standards.

Proud of our independence, we reach courageously for opportunities with great future prospects and we develop along profitable lines.

Dependable, self-effacing and aware of who we are, we are rooted firmly in our region.

Our values


We are helpful

Because for us, the word 'We' occupies pride of place. Just as we help our customers and partners, we also help one another here at EMIS.


EMIS stands for closeness and a willingness to help. We view ourselves as problem-solvers for our customers, and we are always on hand to live up to that. Quick, competent, personal.

Another key prerequisite for us is that we always strive, right from the earliest stages of a project, to eliminate the unexpected. Open and respectful interaction with our customers and with all other parties involved in a project constitutes an essential part of this.

Our guiding principle is that the individual can accomplish nothing without the help of others.


We are competent.

Because the people who work for us understand their trade perfectly. One of our principles is our commitment to developing and improving continuously.


Automation equipment, switchgear, electrical infrastructure, motors and generators, audio, video and light, automated processes, power transmission and power supply:

Our scope of services enshrines the word 'Power' in the full sense of the term. We work in sectors where absolute safety is essential. Sectors in which technical specialists are called for - like the people who work for EMIS.

Our employees are competence bearers in the best sense of the phrase - superlatively trained and with technology at their fingertips. In our fast-moving times, continuous further skills training is as important as a soundly based education. Which is why we at EMIS act not only in the spirit of our time, but also set down markers for the future.


We are adaptable.

Because EMIS does not work to a rigid agenda but instead orients itself on the specific requirements of its customers.


We at EMIS have decades of experience and a comprehensive range of technical expertise in all our fields of competences.

From a plethora of possibilities, we at EMIS track down the best solution for each scenario. No matter how specialist that may be. You see, our range of products and services is as multi-layered as our customer portfolio. We at EMIS view ourselves as the 'Facilitators' and as 'Simplifiers', which enables us to produce precisely crafted and capable concepts for the future.


We have a responsible attitude

For mankind and nature in equal measure. We work safely and sustainably.


Here at EMIS we operate in sectors where maximum performance is what counts – combined with the highest standards of functional safety. We are there when machines are running at high load settings, when powerful current is flowing, and also when people are being moved at high speeds in leisure parks. This is why, as a technical partner, we shoulder a particular responsibility for the safety of our solutions.

Furthermore, we have a sense of responsibility towards our own employees. Surpassing legal regulations by far, we extensively invest in reconciliation of family and work life – as well as in the health of our employees. 

Last but not least, our attitude towards the environment is also informed by a sense of responsibility. Our corporate focus is consistently aimed towards renewable energies and the development of resource-friendly technologies.


We work in a solution-oriented way.

Because we always focus our attention on practical applications.


The solutions that we here at EMIS develop for our customers are very diverse and varied. Wherever performance and safety are top-priority matters, we are absolutely uncompromising.

Practical viability is the central benchmark for our systems, products and solutions.

This is why the highest levels of technical expertise and many years of experience go into our decision-making processes, which also incorporate direct feedback from our customers and partners.

Anyone placing their confidence in EMIS can be sure of receiving solutions that function not only in simulations but also deliver in daily use and under the most arduous of operating conditions.


We are robust.

As a family-run group of companies, we place sustainable development before short-term profit.


Ever since Day One, we here at EMIS have been committed to conducting business with far-sightedness and responsibility. Our firmly rooted regional connections in many parts of Germany on the one hand, and in projects throughout the world on the other, demonstrate clearly just how we, as a technological service provider, combine our range of products and services, with the firmly established stance of a family-run group of companies. This is how we have managed to grow into a robustly constituted corporation that provides its customers as well as its employees with practicable future prospects, backed by confidence, open-ness and dependability.


EMIS is progressive.

We are always committed to the future. Because for us the view ahead is always more exciting than looking back. Nevertheless, we don't loose sight of our roots.


Anyone like ourselves here at EMIS who is involved in the power generation and supply sector knows only too well what change signifies: from lignite and atomic fission to alternative energy sources such as hydro-power, solar power or wind power - developments over the last few decades have been incisive and all-embracing. The world also seems to be spinning faster in our other core areas of activity, such as electrical engineering and automation. In our visionary approaches, we follow this development every step of the way.

EMIS stands for progress and innovation. We seek not only to keep pace with this process, but instead actively to shape its course. Through continuous technological development and innovative solutions. With far-sightedness, courage and enthusiasm for the future.


You can trust us.

Stable relationships of an enduring nature arise on the basis of mutual confidence.


We here at EMIS view ourselves first and foremost as partners, rather than simply as service providers. Our solutions are always the outcome of an honest and shared process of development. In this way, we have gained the confidence of our customers, partners and suppliers. In-house communication at EMIS is also honest and open, founded upon our culture of communication and feedback.


We are reliable.

Because we stick to what our quotations promise.


We here at EMIS tend to keep the ball on a flat trajectory to protect our own interests. However, there is one thing we can guarantee: anyone who works with us can depend on us totally. The ability to honour deadline commitments is as second nature to us as our technical expertise. Our customers and partners with some of whom we have been working for decades, demonstrate that point. 


Founding of the company. A spin-off from the Lübbenau lignite-fired power station.

Entered in the register of companies as EMIS Elektro-MSR-Installation-Service GmbH (EMIS Service).

When the company was founded, it had 27 employees and achieved annual sales of DM 2.3 million.

“In those days, the only way to get a Trabant motor car was as a gift. Back then, Eberhard Perschk sold his Lada to give himself a little start-up capital for his first company. To enable him to meet his business deadlines, he had to borrow a friend's Trabant”.

Founding of EMIS System (electrical plant construction).

First big order for EMIS in the Schwarze Pumpe power station.

First major international project in Mexico, Scandinavia and Kosovo.

Acquisition of the electricity distribution networks in all renovation areas of LMBV (Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungs-Gesellschaft).

Founding of the subsidiary EMIS Energy. Start of 're-cultivation measures' in the central German lignite regions.

Founding of the EMIS Group, with EMIS Holding as the management company.

Expansion of automation with the founding of the Hamburg location (Industry) and Waldkirch (Fairground Rides).

Entry to the market servicing generators and motors by expanding the Electrical Machinery division.

At this time, EMIS employs about 400 employees and achieves annual sales of approx. €45 million.

Amalgamation of the companies EMIS Service, EMIS System and EMIS Holding to form EMIS Electrics GmbH.

New construction of company building at the head office location in Lübbenau (Spreewald).

Construction and operation of transformer plants added to the range of services.

New-build of head office building in Waldkirch.

Muss Dombrowski is acquired. This gives EMIS a location in North Rhine Westphalia and enables it also to offer industrial installations.

Entry in the wind power service sector

Expansion of the company building in Waldkirch.


Good work, founded upon conviction

The time we spend at work constitutes a large part of our lives. We aspire to shaping that time as positively as possible for all the men and women who work for us. We place emphasis on having a constructive company atmosphere, one in which each individual feels good, and has a sense that they are taken seriously and valued.

What do we do to accomplish that? Really quite a lot! For instance, we conduct regular employee surveys and meetings. We check on communication and on the way we interact, within individual areas and departments as well as at management levels.

A comprehensive healthcare management system with checks and training courses as well as the ergonomic design of workplaces are every bit as important as flexible working hours and holiday arrangements. We offer attractive remuneration and inducement models with premium payments, KITA supplements, company super-annuation and promotion for training measures. The EMIS Academy with its comprehensive range of educational and further training options is a reflection of our company philosophy.

EMIS stands for good work. That is because we view our employees as more than simply people who work for us - we always see them as individual personalities.

We take responsibility

As a family-run company, the term responsibility has run in our DNA for as long as we can remember. What does that mean? It means that our commercial success obliges us to invest actively in the next generations.

For a long time, we have been a popular and renowned training business, and we work closely with universities, colleges and vocational training institutions. We assign a mentor to every young man and woman who joins us as a trainee, to accompany and support them. Extensive work placement opportunities for school pupils and students, also alongside Bachelor and Master's dissertations, and apprenticeships combining practical training with academic study are all tried-and-tested models for us.

Through our participation on the special programme 'MobiPro', aimed at young people from other European countries who seek training opportunities, we have been able to recruit a trainee.

We are committed to the integration of young people with learning disabilities. In close collaboration with regional Job Centres, we have even been able to offer refugees some vocational prospects.

Today, EMIS is already thinking about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And our sense of responsibility does not stop at imaginary limits in peoples' heads. You see, we are convinced that everyone has special aptitudes that wish to be awakened. This enables us to get a great deal more done when we work together.


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