Stable processes need to have a

robust control unit.

As experts in the construction of

switch cabinets we here at EMIS

are committed to providing you

with safe and reliable solutions.

Switch cabinet construction

As experienced experts, we here at EMIS are the perfect partner for you when it comes to the manufacture of switch cabinets, distributors, pneumatic boxes and control panels. Whether one-off production, volume production, a standard system or bespoke production to customer specifications, we can provide you with a complete range of products and services.

An overview of our services

  • CNC machining
  • Individual bespoke production and flexible volume production
  • Modifications during and after production
  • Standard systems and bespoke production
  • Switch cabinets in acc. with IEC and UL 508A
    with a certified UL location
  • Switch cabinet systems up to 1600 A
  • All manufacturing exclusively in Germany
  • Production of pneumatic systems
  • Global shipment in seaworthy packaging, made-to-measure
  • Reinforced switch cabinet plinth for the transport of cabinets up to an in-line length of 4800 mm.
  • On-board installation on vehicles and mobile units
  • Installation of systems or system components on location
  • Hardware control elements and touch panels
  • Large cabinet systems by brand-name manufacturers
  • Production on the basis of circuit diagrams provided, or based on an in-house design
Your direct point of contact

Harald Gehring

All of our switch cabinet enclosures are sourced from renowned brand-name manufacturers and are enhanced by EMIS to meet your precise needs. Whether bespoke paintwork, the production of customer-specific enclosures or the design and large-scale application of nomenclature films: at EMIS, all elements are tailored precisely to meet your requirements.
Individual enclosure solutions: Off-the-peg enclosure solutions do not always suit individual requirements. They certainly don't if the space available is limited. Particularly with movable elements like the ones from the roller coaster trains we equip, the available space is often confined. In this case, we modify existing enclosures or develop our own entirely new enclosure solutions. Naturally we take into account all stipulations in standards and legislation.
CNC machining: Regardless of whether you are dealing with conventional apertures for filter fans and control elements, or with bespoke adjustments, our CNC systems are efficient and precise production facilities. This is the key to the high quality standard that sets us apart.
Paintwork: it is a long time since the only choice of colour for production systems was between shades of grey and green. Colourfully painted machines imbue a production building with a distinctive character, one that has a positive impact on employee motivation. The control desks on fairground rides often need to have a colour scheme that is themed to the specific ride they operate. For this reason, we can provide individual colour schemes on demand and we can even supply our enclosures with the customer's choice of paintwork.
Operating panel nomenclature: normally, control desks are supplied with classic nomenclature panels. However, this is not always the most effective nor the most appealing solution. In a few cases, it is advisable to group together control panels, to highlight the most important controls with an eye-catching colour scheme or to depict the links between individual control elements in graphic format. We achieve this by devising an intuitive operating concept and designing the control panel accordingly. We then attach a printed film to the entire surface area. Of course, in this way, control panels can be upgraded visually. For example if there is a lot of public interest in the installation location or if areas of the system are themed, which is frequently the case with fairground rides.

We produce your switch cabinets to drawings from our own design department, and also on the basis of hardware drawings provided by our customers. All production takes place in Germany. Superlatively excellent quality is Job One for us at all times.
Bespoke production: many of our customers need one-off versions of a specialist solution. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to manufacture switch cabinets efficiently, even on a one-at-a-time basis. Particularly in bespoke production, the needs tend to change in the course of a project. It is no problem for us to incorporate modifications during and even after production of one or more switch cabinets.
Volume production: If numbers can be a little higher, then we can switch to highly-efficient volume production and this brings down costs to a minimum. In some cases, requirements only emerge once the first switch cabinets are already on site and in service. We can then incorporate design changes quickly and easily, and can also apply those changes to completed switch cabinets.
IEC and UL: compliance with standards and legislation is an essential requirement in the production of switch cabinets. We do more than satisfy all specifications acc to IEC and UL. We also apply the UL label ourselves at our certified location.
Powerful: we offer our switch cabinet systems with a nominal rating of up to 1600 A.
Operating units: as well as classic mechanical control elements we can of course also build all of the other components, e.g. touch panels. This assures us of maximum user-friendly credentials.
Installation on location: even once our products have left our production facility, our work is seldom done. We can install complete systems on request and carry out last-minute changes if new requirements make this necessary.
Onboard installation: the control system is not always installed in a stationary location. Especially in the passenger transport sector, compact cabinets or special enclosures may need to be installed on movable elements. We really know what we are doing with resultant requirements such as restricted space or high vibration resistance. EMIS installs switch cabinets wherever they are needed.

We produce pneumatic solutions to suit your requirements. We test them and we deal with the pressure settings. Of course, we can on request produce your pneumatic circuit diagram for you, or we can work to documents that you provide to us.

Packaging: regardless of size, we package your switch cabinet in appropriate packaging for shipment by land or sea. Particularly when switch cabinets are on board a ship for an extended time, special measures must be taken to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in the condition that the customer expects to find them. We at EMIS know the ropes when it comes to global shipping and we can ensure that your product reaches its destination in good condition.
Switch cabinet sizes of up to 4.80 m: usually, switch cabinets from in-line systems can only measure a very restricted length. With our reinforced plinth system, an EMIS development, switch cabinets measuring up to 4.80 metres in length can be produced. You can also transport these switch cabinets as a single unit and place them in their installation location by crane.


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