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Smart Services

One of the core skills of EMIS is to deliver highly professional service for industrial plants and the industry sector. The names of our 4 central service areas are therefore entirely appropriate. EMIS stands for: E ducation. M aintenance. I ntelligence. S upport. Then there is the 'Basic' sector with an intelligent plant monitoring software solution developed by ourselves that goes by the name of RIDES. What we offer extends primarily to the operators and OEMs of industrial production systems or manufacturing lines, as well as to the operators of leisure parks and to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of fairground rides.

Smart Services – an overall future-facing concept at EMIS which consists of several components:

  • Life-cycle management
  • Maintenance strategy with Reliability-Centred Maintenance.
  • Software-assisted maintenance procedures using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Planning of maintenance through Predictive Maintenance
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Support in the event of problems from a remote maintenance system
  • Service concept for automation
Your direct point of contact

Bastian Brocks

The services of EMIS cover all phases of the product life cycle: from draft design including product planning and requirements analysis to design and commissioning, and also controlled operation, maintenance, servicing, monitoring and surveillance, predictive maintenance and retrofit, customer service to decommissioning, shut-down or dismantling of the system.

Different aspects of service support relate to different phases:
  • Assembly/commissioning: on-site service, documentation, training
  • Familiarisation/operational optimisation: optimisation, documentation
  • Controlled operation 1: spare parts, training, maintenance
  • Enhancement: retrofit, training, documentation
  • Controlled operation 2: spare parts, training, maintenance
  • Then: decommissioning

Proper education and further training are key components in the future-proofing of companies, and of leisure parks and fairground rides. We here at EMIS are here for you as an experienced service provider:

  • Online training courses with a training app and a link to the RIDES database system (also see 'Intelligence'). Examination results are logged in the RIDES system.
  • Training in the EMIS training centre or on-site
  • Automatic issuing of examination certificates

Online training
With online training we provide you with an interactive platform that handles all aspects of the organisation and documentation of training courses. Through the option of incorporating individual contents you can outsource the complete process chain. Our RIDES database system issues reminders to employees for further training courses and can if so desired evaluate the corresponding examinations and identify individual focal points for various employees. This online training is very easy to scale and thanks to its link to specific system information it has a total unique selling point (USP) on the market. In the cyber-security sector and for the protection of personal details, great sensitivity is required because every country has different legislation, compliance with which is essential. Here, EMIS works to the highest of standards and places its confidence in services that are Made in Germany.
Through a collaborative arrangement with system manufacturers, the mechanical contents can also be taught directly on this system. In addition, the system can run all in-house training courses for customers as well as training courses in the EMIS training centre.

An overview of our services
  • Provision of training courses on the system & operation of the system.
  • Provision of standard security instructions
  • Provision of tests to check the trained content
  • Provision of an examination certificate (as a PDF file)
  • Documentation of training course delivery (audit)
  • Reminder for automatic refresher courses / further training for every user
  • On request, the customer's own content can be incorporated

Certificated training
Making competence levels visible to external parties - boosting customer confidence! The certificated training course should be passed on from system operators to their employees as a motivational factor. More in-depth content can be trained and examined in this context.
These training courses can either be delivered by our personnel on a customer's premises or in training rooms at one of the EMIS locations. The contents constitute one factor, and the external impact constitutes another positive one. Regular training of employees - with corresponding certificates is documented in a visible and credible manner – guarantors for competence and confidence-building measures . Certificates of this kind are also best used for marketing purposes. The specific contents of these certificated training courses provide a perfect match with your requirements. However, these courses should never be used as a substitute for Online Training or for comparable training courses.

An overview of our services
  • Personal support with on-site training courses at customer premises or in a training centre or training room at the service provider's location
  • Preparation of needs-based and target-focused contents for the needs of a given customer
  • Conducting tests to check that training course contents have been assimilated
  • Provision of an examination certificate (printed)
  • Documentation of training course delivery (audit)

The regular and professional maintenance of systems is an indispensable factor for their performance capability, service life and safety. We here at EMIS are always delighted to support you as a partner.

Online documentation
This is either available as a web application or interactively on a local tablet. With central data archives, the very latest information is always available to all users, and the Search function is simple and intuitive. Linked to a component ID code, it is possible to jump directly to the appropriate paragraph in documentation or to the desired page in a circuit diagram. Support can also use this module to provide the customer with targeted advice whenever questions or problems arise.
Central data archiving enables resources to be saved by the system manufacturer and by the system operator. The document is always available where it is needed . We are aware of the challenge presented by a large number of interfaces and by interaction with the manufacturer's documentation. We know what we are doing when it comes to cyber security and back-up strategies. Which explains why we master even the most complex and challenging of task profiles associated with online documentation.

An overview of our services
  • Provision of an interactive, transparent user interface for documentation.
  • Direct call-up of the corresponding documentation element by scanning a component, barcode or QR tag.
  • Scope for commenting on individual sections
  • Versions remain up-to-date for an extended period
  • Intelligent search function within the documentation

Through comprehensive, technically accurate inspections, we can provide our customers with added value for internal auditing and TÜV-style acceptance tests. In this process, the entire system is tested and documented on the basis of specified components to determine its current condition. On the basis of this, we then produce an expert technical report with appropriate recommended actions . In particular, on older systems not yet equipped with modern diagnostics, a professional in-depth inspection is required. In cooperation with the OEM, EMIS can then generate a high degree of operational safety.
Our technical specialists and engineers subject your system to close scrutiny directly on location . In personal contact, it is then possible to go into detail over specific requirements in a simple and uncomplicated way. As well as the current situation we endeavour through our experience to make an in-depth and proactive assessment of future developments and requirements - for example modifications, wear, spare parts or retrofits – and through this to deliver long-lasting efficiency gains to our customers.
With EMIS you are placing your confidence in an experienced all-round partner – and therefore in comprehensive, efficient and sustainable maintenance solutions with an added value.

Confidence is good – checking is better. For this reason, the reliable monitoring of automated systems and processes are extremely important for performance and safety. With EMIS, you are putting your faith in intelligent solutions with a proven track record.
Central to this is our RIDES database-based system – developed by EMIS and with which all relevant data for a system can be recorded and monitored live : a highly capable digital solution that is also comparably simple to implement, with numerous benefits . Above all, the simplified alarm management system is capable of running evaluations and of issuing comments. Adding substantially more value than a classic HMI solution.
With RIDES you are investing in comprehensive, intelligent monitoring in real-time – and proactive error prevention .
RIDES is able to warn at an early stage of errors that are starting to appear (Predictive Maintenance), to point to pending maintenance work, to evaluate training outcomes and to issue certificates. All of the data recorded can be evaluated statistically - for consistent process optimisation.
Another advantage of RIDES: You can link in additional digital tools such as online documentation, online training courses or possibly even an E-Shop. RIDES can also be used to extend further the scope of support functions. This open-ness towards the integration of other digital solutions is absolutely unique on the market ! With RIDES you are investing in a comprehensive solution with optimum potential for expansion - while also future-proofing yourself. RIDES is a fine example of the development expertise of EMIS: Intelligent, solution-oriented, sustainable.

RIDES offers the following possibilities :
  • Simple, database-based alarm management
  • Commentable alarms
  • Recording of statistical data
  • All systems can be recorded in a database
  • Early recognition of errors and maintenance requirements
  • Administration, updating and downloading of system documents
  • Delivering training courses and automatic saving of training outcomes

The Intelligence area – in particular our RIDES database system – developed further on a continuous basis by ourselves. You can look forward to further innovations and developments from EMIS.

Closeness to its customers is a key tenet of EMIS philosophy. That is why we are always open to, and are receptive to hearing about, any matters you wish to raise. Whenever you need us, we are there for you by telephone around the clock and we can support you via remote maintenance or with our experienced service employees on location – just as you wish, or as the parameters may require. By way of support, we also offer new digital solutions such as Augmented Reality (AR).
A basic level of support forms an integral part of every plant controller system. This consists of:

Mail support:
Customers can portray problems by e-mail and receive a professional response from one of our technicians or engineers.
Telephone support:
Telephone support during normal working hours by a technical specialist or an engineer.
Basic documentation:
Provision of complete documentation, circuit diagrams, operating manuals etc. in the form of intelligent PDF documents, or in hard copy format.

Here is an overview of our more extensive service packages (after consultation):

Telephone support +
Extended telephone support with 7/24 access to an appropriately skilled technical specialist or engineer.
Remote Support/Remote Support +
Our EMIS technicians can access the system controller through a VPN tunnel to identify faults and problems more rapidly, and where possible to take remedial action. The plant operator must produce the remote connection actively to prevent misuse.
AR Support
Your maintenance employee is supported with a set of AR goggles (Augmented Reality). Here, the supporting EMIS employee can view the reality of the on-site maintenance operative on screen and is able to highlight elements of the system. Your maintenance operative sees these highlight marks through the AR goggles and then better understands how to perform the instructions provided to him, quickly and easily and with both hands available to do the work.
On-site service on location
A technical specialist or engineer from EMIS is personally on site with you to assist with, or even to carry out, maintenance work on your system.


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