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Entertainment solutions for fairground rides

Roller coasters, leisure parks, carousels ... words that bring a smile to the faces of a great many people, young and old alike. Leisure parks are booming, and even temporary fairground rides are enjoying very high levels of business. Developments in this sector have quite literally accelerated at a rapid pace over the last few years. Ever faster, ever higher, ever more hair-raisingly exciting! For many years, EMIS has been a technical service provider to the fairground rides sector. Our competence and experience in this sector have made us into one of the most sought after companies in the world.

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With the right choice of lighting, your roller coaster ride is transformed into a unique experience. However, exciting lighting effects enthuse more than just the passenger. Spectators are also enthralled by and drawn into the magic of fairground rides by the impressive lighting. In the dark, the skyline of your park gains an entirely individual and unmistakable character. No limits are set on where to install lighting. Whether with spotlights, subterranean lighting or individual mounting locations, EMIS makes it possible. With water-based fairground rides, we can provide underwater lighting to create a very special visual effect. Suited to the theme of the ride, the lighting can change colour, creating an atmospheric experience. And that is by no means all. With different colours and flashing frequencies, the vehicle communicates with operators and maintenance personnel. For example, errors and start releases are notified and the minimum closed setting of the safety brackets is displayed without the passenger being aware of the fact. Since the onboard control unit always knows where each train is located on the ride, the areas for informative and emotionally appealing lighting can be kept separate from one another without any problem. Of course, it is also possible to mix both functions within the same area.

EMIS offers the following components in the vehicle lighting sector:

  • Headlights
  • Underfloor lighting
  • Individually positioned luminaires
  • Animated show lighting
  • Informative lighting
  • Multi-colour lighting

Our onboard audio systems transport information and emotion in excellent quality, whether that involves sound effects, announcements or music. Stored language files or microphone announcements are transmitted to the vehicle, wherever it may be at the time. Music and sound effects are stored on an on-board player designed for this specific purpose and can be managed off-board or centrally. With timecode synchronisation, sounds from different speakers can be reproduced to match one another perfectly. This system makes it possible, by way of example, to have individual instruments in a piece of music only sound on-board, or only off-board, to achieve a deep and resonant impact within the interior space. Sound effects can also be played synchronously with the music. To suit the show, we can play sounds in precise positions to provide the passenger with a uniquely emotional audio experience.
Our audio system can be integrated in any existing system without any problem. In new systems, all requirements are taken into account at the vehicle design stage, with perfect matching of all components. From the optimum positioning of speakers, achieved with visually harmonious assembly and even the integration of audio control in the vehicle control unit, everything is taken into consideration. All components are designed in an appropriate style to suit the system and are installed inconspicuously. For fairground water rides, we can provide a watertight variant of our sound system.
An overview of our on-board audio systems.
Announcements: loudspeaker announcements are recorded in the station and are transmitted to the on-board audio system in every train.
Music: playing of music files that are managed on-board or off-board.
Sound effects: precise positional recording of sound effects to provide optimum synchronisation with the show provided by the system.
Timecode synchronisation: on-board sound and off-board sound are matched precisely to one another. Precise positioning: automatic announcements, music and sound effects are started at the time when they are at their most effective.
Watertight: it is no problem to use this system while it is raining or in fairground water rides.

With our on-board video system, every park visit becomes an unforgettable experience. Regardless of prevailing weather conditions, we can record every passenger during the ride in brilliant HD quality and can then transfer the data to the shopping system while park visitors are boarding or alighting from ride cars. Recording and transmission are fully automatic. No batteries are needed to supply voltage. There is therefore no need to monitor their charge level. The video system works fully automatically and without additional resource overhead once the fairground ride has been switched on. Of course, we also record the original sound track alongside the video data. This provides the park visitor with an individual and valuable souvenir that will remind him for a long time of a very eventful day. These videos are sold via our shopping solution.
When integrating our cameras we pay attention to design, aesthetics and the theming of the vehicle. For this, if necessary, we construct dedicated housings and produce these from one-off items to larger volumes. Paintwork and colour scheme are applied to suit customer wishes and the vehicle concerned. With new vehicles, we integrate our video system right from the design stage which means we can achieve a perfectly matched appearance. Of course, full account is taken of distance, camera alignment and environmental factors.

  • HD quality
  • Sound recording
  • System without batteries
  • Fully automatic recording and transmission
  • Recording not affected by prevailing weather conditions

Make it visible to all just how exciting your fairground ride is, and depict the tingling nerves of your passengers! We measure the pulse of all occupants and this makes every roller coaster ride just that little bit more exciting. Sensors are installed in the grab handles of each seat, and these measure the pulse of each passenger. Each passenger can see his or her own up-to-the-moment reading on a display screen. Even under the most arduous of conditions, the pulse is measured reliably. For example, the heart frequency can be recorded without interference by the stators on a linear synchronous motor.

The speed, height and dynamism of many fairground rides are impressive in their own right, and deliver optimum levels of experience. These physical properties can be underlined or even amplified by technical systems - for example by a seat-shaker. In technical terms, a seat-shaker is a vibration motor that is installed in the seat and that is activated in response to the route or the thematic aspects of the system. Our seat-shakers deliver completely unexpected surprises to your passengers.
Our vibration motors are integrated in the seats at the time of manufacture and vibrate at up to 120 G at a frequency of around 80 Hertz. The seat-shaker makes particularly exciting sections of each roller coaster ride even more memorable!
You can place your confidence in the versatile skills set of EMIS, and can make your fairground rides into an unforgettable experience.

What is more exciting than a ride on a roller coaster? A roller coaster ride through an imaginative world of fantasy. The passenger may be seated on the back of a dragon or may be crossing a lava lake in the depths of a mine: with the precise positioning capability of an EMIS system, every simulation feels like a real experience. We implement virtual reality for fairground rides on a joint basis with our customer VR-Coaster. Whether a roller coaster or a freefall tower, every position is determined precisely and is then transmitted to the VR goggles. This process enables positional data to be adapted to suit each row of seats or the position of each seat to within a centimetre.
With our many years of experience in on-board technology, our VR positioning system has now evolved to withstand all of the rigours of a fairground ride.
It is possible to record positional data in several directions. We can translate rotational movements of the kind that can occur on a spinning coaster or a freefall tower instantaneously to match the linear direction of travel. There are no limits on the use of different types of sensor. Depending on the application, inductive sensors or laser sensors can be used. Alternatively, in some cases, it is also possible to use light sensors.

  • Possible for different types of system.
  • Bluetooth data transmission
  • Different directions of movement
  • Linear movements and rotational movements
  • Precision positioning
  • Support for all types of sensor

As described in the section about on-board video systems, videos of roller coaster rides are a popular medium for preserving the experience for a long time - and to recall the experience time and again. These videos can also be shared with friends or disseminated across social networks. If anyone is interested in purchasing the OnRide video, a robot can burn a copy. Alternatively, the video can be purchased, then downloaded via an online portal after a visit to the park. Here too, EMIS provides an intelligent solution in which the EMIS online portal is integrated in the website of the leisure park.
DVD: if someone is interested in purchasing the DVD, a robot can burn a copy in a fully automatic process.
Download: the EMIS download portal can be integrated in the website of your park without any problem.
Ticket system: if so desired, a ticket can be produced using a thermal transfer printing process and you can then purchase the video, for example before leaving the park.
Shopping monitors: the recorded video is displayed with a unique number on one of several monitors. This is where the purchase decision is taken.
Data transmission: data transmission to the monitors and to the robot burner takes place automatically while passengers are boarding and leaving the ride at the station.
Sustainability: this OnRide video gives each visitor a lasting reminder while also promoting your park when it is shared across social networks.


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