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Every since Day One, we here at EMIS have been driven by our passion for technically challenging solutions and by an abiding wish to connect the world of technology and machines to the world inhabited by human-beings. Since then, we have grown into one of the leading engineering partners for a vast array of customer segments. With the experience we have gained on countless successful projects, we can offer you a comprehensive spectrum of services that will delight you.

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Thomas Bittner

The functionality of system performance as well, most importantly, as the ability to intervene reliably in safety-critical situations are and always have been top-priority matters for EMIS. Here is the tried-and-tested range of products and services that we can offer you:

  • Determination of the performance level in acc. with DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • Implementation of safety-oriented control systems as defined in DIN EN ISO 13849
  • Determination of SIL level in acc. with IEC 61508
  • Implementation of the safety-oriented control system defined in IEC 61508

At EMIS you can obtain an A to Z of engineering services. Our experienced experts will give you advice in advance and, in this way, can help you to find the optimum solution, taking due account of your current as well as your future requirements.

This involves a great many questions that need to be clarified in advance, such as:
  • Which is the most appropriate component manufacturer for me (e.g. Siemens, Rockwell, etc.)?
  • What is my current system capable of doing?
  • What might my future requirements look like?

We can assist with a systematic analysis and can provide you with comprehensive support.

The reliable monitoring of systems and processes is a central aspect in terms of performance and of safety. With EMIS you are placing your confidence in intelligent solutions that have proven their capabilities time after time.
With RIDES ( RI de D ata E valuation S ystem), EMIS offers a system developed by itself and founded upon a database. With it, all relevant data can be recorded and monitored live: a highly capable but nevertheless comparably easy-to-implement digital solution with many advantages. In particular the simplified alarm management system which is capable of running evaluations and of logging comments, can deliver substantially more added value than a conventional HMI solution (HMI = touch panel, integrated in the system).
RIDES offers comprehensive, intelligent monitoring in real-time – and a proactive error prevention function. The system evaluates various factors such as training outcomes and issues certificates, provides early warning of pending faults and draws attention to pending maintenance work. All of the data recorded can be evaluated statistically - for consistent process optimisation.
Another advantage: You can connect up other digital tools such as online documentation, online training or possibly an E-Shop. You can also integrate extended support functions. This openness in relation to the integration of other digital solutions is absolutely unique on this market ! With RIDES you are investing in the comprehensive solution that has the greatest scope for expansion - making it fit for the future. This makes our RIDES system a great example of the development expertise of EMIS: intelligent, solution-oriented, sustainable.

RIDES offers the following RIDES Basic :
  • Simple, database-based alarm management
  • Commentable alarms
  • Recording of statistical data
  • All systems can be recorded in a database
  • Early recognition of errors and maintenance requirements

We work continuously on the further development of our RIDES system. You can therefore look forward to further innovations and developments emerging from EMIS.

With EMIS you are placing your confidence in efficient and intelligently structured development concepts: the software and hardware drawings and operator structures are based on a modular design – for high efficiency and reusability of engineering services that already have a proven track record.
Here, EMIS combines the expertise and highest levels of technological competence acquired through its decades of experience in evaluating the potential of current as well as future applications and requirements: this enables us to develop solutions with added value and great future prospects.

With EMIS, you are investing in ultimate competence and experience in matters relating to protection devices and controllers. We are experienced and have a great track record in the programming and configuration of manufacturer-independent protection, control and feedback control devices.

An overview of our range of products and services Parameterization
  • Protection functions
  • Logic
  • Control technology connection
  • Bus protocols: IEC 61850, IEC103,104, Profinet, Profibus (examples)

Here at EMIS we work to this motto: every system is only as good as the person who is operating it. Reciprocally, this also means that a solution, no matter how complex it may be, can only be evaluated properly in practice, once it has been implemented.
With EMIS you are placing your confidence in engineering solutions that were designed specifically with operation at a later date firmly in mind. For this, we place emphasis on high levels of practicality and ease of use through intuitive operating concepts that reflect current as well as future human patterns of operating behaviour.

A summary of our services
  • Intuitive operation of the system through simple and intuitive operating concepts
  • Continuous further development
  • The operating concept is based on modern mobile devices for a familiar environment with minimal error rates

When it comes to frequency converters you can place your trust in the high level of expertise at EMIS and in its proven processes, such as the design of hardware and the corresponding programming .
We supply turnkey solutions for a vast range of sectors, including power station technology, industrial plant, open-cast mining and fairground rides.

A summary of our services
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Complete systems including wiring loom construction, tensioning cables, control technology, tooling, switchgear, actuation software and display equipment
  • Manufacturer-independent services
  • A tremendous range of sectors including power station technology, open-cast mining, industrial plant and the leisure industry
  • Large appliances for open-cast mining, conveyor belt systems, transport technology, fairground rides etc.
  • Low-voltage converters in all power classes
  • Medium-voltage converters (currently only of the Siemens type)
  • Temporary conversion units to bridge the failure of other systems due to renovation work.

We here at EMIS are experts in practically all commonly used bus systems and bus protocols On this basis, we can provide you with an appropriately differentiated and comprehensive range of consultancy services.

In choosing EMIS for software development and programming, you have picked a highly competent team. Here, we combine technologically challenging solutions with great future prospects, together with a visually appealing and highly capable user interfaces - for software solutions that have to prove their practical viability on a daily basis.

At EMIS you can obtain all primary and secondary technical planning services for LV to HV systems, AC/DC systems and corresponding tools, up to and including the production of protection concepts.

An overview of our range of products and services
  • AutoCAD
  • Mechanical 2/3D, Inventor, Electrical (various programs)
  • Ruplan
  • from version 4.6.1 upwards
  • Power Factory
  • Power flow and load flow calculation , overcurrent time protection calculation
  • Elcad
  • Relux-Suite
  • Lighting calculation / planning
    • Cable management
    • Cable calculation: design of cable type and cross section,
    • Selectivity calculation: design of overcurrent protection equipment
    • Cable routing: determining length and line planning


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