Safety, stability and


all a question of having

the right control system.

We here at EMIS are experts in

automated processes that ceaselessly

propel technical progress forwards.


We at EMIS are experienced experts in all aspects of automation. We are always delighted to place our competence at your service as your project and development partner, in any of the following areas: industrial production and machining processes, safety-related or potentially explosive areas, the optimisation of logistics links in the supply chain or the transport of people. Our leading position in this field is demonstrated by a great many successful projects.

We cover the entire range of topics: from analysis to planning processes through to implementation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance. Our portfolio of services covers all aspects: layout and infrastructure, engineering and development, intelligent control and software solutions, bespoke and volume production of switch cabinets, installation and assembly as well as operation, inspection and maintenance. It is of central importance to us that our solutions are safe and have enduring future prospects. With EMIS today, you are already thinking of tomorrow. And of the day after tomorrow.

Satisfied customers are the greatest affirmation we can have for what we do.

“Thanks to the great professional advice we received from EMIS, we were able to reduce the retooling time of our system by almost 90%”.

Your direct point of contact

Harald Gehring

Whether a new system or a retrofit, EMIS is there beside you from the analysis of your existing status, and can support you with the definition of your specific requirements - the current as well as the future ones. Our services range from the selection of an appropriate component manufacturer to the definition of your personal and intuitive operating concept and can even include a risk evaluation. With EMIS, you obtain a clear and understandable overview of the performance capability of the planned system. We consistently outperform the expectations of our customers in this respect.

Consultancy, analysis and pre-engineering
  • Examining and evaluating old systems
  • Support with the definition of requirements
  • Devising potential customer-oriented solutions
  • Devising an individual and intuitive control concept
  • Safety evaluation of system functions
  • Selection of component manufacturers in accordance with requirements

When things get complicated, that's when we get really excited about engineering. This is why EMIS is the specialist for the difficult, challenging areas of automation technology. Whether functional safety for passenger transport or plant control systems for potentially explosive areas - we tackle all of these tasks quickly and professionally. The individual requirements of our customers are always central to our considerations.
EMIS sets great store on user-friendliness, efficiency and sustainable solutions. This reduces the cost of training for new employees, retooling times are minimal and the performance capability of each system is exploited to the full.

Development and engineering
  • Customer-oriented and individual engineering
  • Manufacturer-independent development and programming
  • Graphically appealing and intuitive touchscreen solutions
  • High usability
  • Hardware schematics with EPLAN Electric P8
  • PLC programming
  • Selection of component manufacturers based on customer requirements
  • Safety-specific control systems that comply with DIN EN ISO 13849 or IEC 61508

We produce your plant control system at several locations in Germany, always to your precise needs. Optimum quality standards, the very latest production systems and digitised final inspection all guarantee perfect, future-proof solutions. We ship worldwide and we arrange for installation of the system controller. Our many years of experience guarantee quick, straightforward commissioning by specific national inspection bodies.
“With the EMIS production location being certified to UL 508A, commissioning of our equipment in the USA has become child's play”.

Switch cabinet construction
  • Series and one-off production
  • CNC-assisted production
  • Certified production in acc. with UL 508A
  • Commissioning by specific national test institutions
  • All manufacturing exclusively in Germany
  • Several production locations right across Germany
  • On-site installation procedure
  • Worldwide installation
  • Provision of a supervisor
  • Our own assembly personnel
  • Worldwide commissioning
  • TÜV acceptance testing
  • Endurance tests
  • Our own commissioning personnel

Here at EMIS, project management is an all-inclusive task - we view ourselves as fixers and doers and this ensures that our customers have as little to attend to themselves as possible. It all begins when an order is placed: we accompany each customer with their definition of requirements, the selection of components, the definition of milestones and deadlines, and of course with the implementation of the entire project. In this way, EMIS assumes project responsibility for its services. This is of particular importance in areas where great uncertainty may exist in some areas (e.g. control units for areas at risk of explosion). We honour our deadline commitments and ensure that each project runs smoothly. We arrange for the commissioning and acceptance tests for our customers to be performed by the relevant authorities or test institutions (e.g. TÜV).
You can depend upon EMIS in every respect - which includes costs, deadlines and quality. In particular when the requirements get difficult or when sudden changes are made, we are there to support you with experienced project managers and a great capacity for flexibility. With our many years of experience in the most challenging areas of automation technology, we are able to respond to new challenges quickly and efficiently. We have many years of experience in working with operatives and test authorities right around the globe. Our project managers prepare the procedures for high-performance processes which helps to avoid technical, linguistic or cultural problems. This means that we can guide your project through to completion, on schedule, cost-effectively and in accordance with your wishes.

An overview of project management
  • Project management for your system control - from first idea through to commissioning
  • Honouring deadline commitments
  • Worldwide project experience
  • Broad experience with operatives and test authorities in destination countries
  • Great flexibility and a customer-oriented approach

Through the production of hardware drawings with EPLAN P8 we create the ideal basis for efficient engineering and we provide an innovative basis for all downstream processes, such as maintenance of the system. The latest version of the documents can be called up digitally, meaning that it is available at all times.
All acceptance tests are performed digitally and are recorded in the database-based system. This reduces costs and the length of time required for commissioning. All test data can be called up immediately using the digital search function, which means that each test can be performed quickly and easily.
Operating manuals are available in HTML5, mobile app, PDF, Word or XML file format. This makes integration into other systems into child's play. Contents are user-friendly and are clearly laid out. This helps users to reach the desired outcome quickly on a step-by-step basis.
With our standard-compliant safety documentation we can provide seamless verification for standard-compliant definition and satisfaction of the desired performance level or SIL level.

An overview of documentation
  • Hardware drawings and circuit booklets from EPLAN Electric P8
  • Commissioning tests, e.g. FAT and SAT, in digital form
  • Digital operating manuals in acc. with DIN EN 82079-1
  • Safety documentation acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 or IEC 61508
Operating and user instructions
  • Standard compliance with DIN EN 82079-1
  • Provision with HTML5, mobile app, PDF, Word
  • Intuitive and functionally laid out manuals
Safety documentation
  • Safety documentation with definition of performance levels in acc. with DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • Safety documentation with definition of SIL Level in acc. with IEC 61508, Levels 1-4
Training documents
  • Creation of system-specific training documents
  • Provision of training documents in HTML5, mobile app, PDF, Word formats
  • Digital final inspection with automatic evaluation by RIDES
  • Creation of a test certificate
Technical documents
  • FAT (acceptance test in Production)
  • SAT (acceptance test at the installation location)
  • Safety Test
  • I/O Test
  • All tests are available digitally and can be filled in
  • Hardware drawings
  • Theoretical in-house and on-site training courses
  • Practical training courses for operating and maintenance personnel on the system
  • Training in a dedicated EMIS training centre

Application areas

Kollisionsschutz Portalkran
On-board tension control
Electricity consumers
AS-i bus system
Pushbutton for bracket release
Main control panel
Control panel for rotary switch
Arthur rail with wiring


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